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About the Orange Institution

About the Orange Institution

The Loyal Orange Institution is a worldwide organisation which exists for the establishment and preservation of Civil and Religious Liberty and the Protestant Religion.

The Institution is composed of Protestants, united and resolved to the utmost of their powers to support and defend the rightful Sovereign, the Protestant Religion in Church and State, the laws of the Realm, the Legislative Union, and the Succession of the line of Windsor, being Protestant, and united further, for the defence of their own persons and properties, and the maintenance of public peace. It is exclusively an Association of those who are attached to the principles of the Reformation and will not admit its Brotherhood persons whom an intolerant spirit leads to persecute, injure or upbraid a man on account of his religious beliefs. They associate also in honour of King William III, Prince of Orange, whose name they bear as supporters of his glorious memory.

The work of the Orange Institution is carried on chiefly by means of Lodges, of which there are a considerable number throughout the country. It is into these Lodges that candidates are admitted by a simple Biblical Ceremony into membership of the Loyal Orange Institution.


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